Here we answer your most frequently asked questions!


Furniture handles

I want to fit leather handles to a piece of furniture where the holes are already pre-drilled. Can I have them made to measure?

Yes, definitely! Since we hand-make all our pulls and handles ourselves, we are very flexible in this matter. Feel free to contact us to discuss details.



Leather hanging planters

What is the perfect size of the flower pot to fit the planter?

Our hanging planters are designed are designed to accommodate a wide range of pot shapes and sizes (the largest we measured was 25 cm in diameter). They are also very sturdy and the biggest limitation in terms of load is the hook attachment to the ceiling.

Why is one planter different from another in size?

Natural leather is a product that has its size limitations - especially when it comes to the length of individual straps. We want to treat it with respect and use it as efficiently as possible, which is why we do not shorten parts of the straps to fit a set length, but rather tailor the hanging planter to the pieces we currently have available. However, you can be sure that each plater will have a total length of at least 80 cm. If you want to make it shorter, you can either tie it in a different spot or cut the straps yourself. If you want your planters to be the same size, please let us know when you place your order.


Order processing

How long will I have to wait for my order?

We make all products to a specific order, we do not have stock of products ready to ship. However, we try to act as quickly as possible so that you do not have to wait too long. We ship most products within 3-5 working days. Travertine coasters ship within 7 working days. We ship tables and lamps within 3-4 weeks. If for some reason we need more time, we will certainly contact you.

Can I exchange the product I ordered?

If you have ordered the wrong size product, it is possible to exchange it. Please contact us for this too, preferably by writing an email to kontakt.steil@gmail.com.

How do I return an ordered product?

You have 14 days to return an ordered product. To do so, please contact us, preferably by writing an email to kontakt.steil@gmail.com. After confirmation, we will ask you to send us your order. Once it has been received and checked, we will refund the total cost of your order. Refunds do not include custom, made-to-order products.



How do I maintain my genuine leather products?

We seal our natural leather products to protect them from moisture. To ensure that the properties of the leather remain unchanged, we recommend using a leather care product for grain leather.